• Do I have to pay extra when compared to buying the tickets in the traditional way?
    APSRTC does not charge anything extra when compared to the traditional way. The tickets are absolutely at the same cost.
  • I've lost my ticket what do I do now?
    A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail when you booked the ticket. Please take a printout of that mail and produce it at the time of boarding. If you have not received your ticket to the mail ID you provided, we have flexibility that you will receive a message directly to your mobile from APSRTC immediately after booking ticket, you can give the PNR Number in website and you can take a printout.
  • Can I cancel the ticket?
    Yes. The tickets booked through APSRTC online can be cancelled*. Money is transferred back to the passenger's Credit/Debit card account. Please note that the cancellation fee is as per the E-Ticket Terms & Conditions. Please contact our live help (0866 2570005) for service specific details.
  • I don't have a credit can I still buy tickets at APSRTC?
    Yes. You don't necessarily need to have a Credit card to buy tickets on APSRTC. You can buy tickets through Debit Card also.
  • I missed the bus. Do I get refund?
    APSRTC provides 100% refund if the bus is cancelled due to APSRTC. However, if the bus is missed due to any other reasons not directly related to APSRTC it does not provide any refund.
  • What credit/debit cards do you accept?
    We accept the following Credit cards
    • Visa.
    • MasterCard.
  • What payment options do i have?
    The different payment options are
    • Pay through Credit card.
    • Pay through Debit card.
  • Is there any other option to book tickets from APSRTC?
    Yes. You can book tickets by going to the nearest ATB Agent counter. Also you can book tickets at all APSRTC Bus Station counters.
  • How safe are online transactions?
    Transactions on APSRTC are very safe. APSRTC employees the best-in-class security and the transactions done through APSRTC are secure. APSRTC uses Secure Socket Layers (VeriSign/Godaddy etc., SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with APSRTC is never transmitted unencrypted thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. This encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption. In addition the Credit card information is processed over secure gateways which are certified by Visas.